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Logo Design

We provide all necessary print and digital files for your new logo.

You get:

✔ 1 logo design
✔ 2 initial concepts
✔ 2 free revisions
✔ Quick turnaround
✔ Unlimited revisions at an hourly rate


Brand Identity System

A strong business with lots of touchpoints needs more than just one logo. You need a brand identity; simple and effective designs that work together as a whole.

You get:

✔ Primary Logo Design [see glossary below]
✔ Secondary Logo Design [see glossary below]
✔ 2 initial concepts
✔ 2 free revisions
✔ Style guide [see glossary below]
✔ Business card design
✔ Unlimited revisions at an hourly rate



+ Custom Squarespace web site

You get:

✔ Initial set-up
✔ Up to 5 branded pages
✔ Cohesive look and feel based
✔ Integration of existing social media accounts
✔ Mobile-friendly
✔ Analytics set-up
✔ Basic SEO tips
✔ Hand-off site with one hour of video training

* Domain and Squarespace account not included

+ Dedicated Print / Graphic Support

You get:

✔ We keep your graphics on file
✔ Graphic design for any marketing materials
✔ Technical support through phone/video calls

Graphics [Digital and Print]

You get:

✔ Icons
✔ Illustrations [see glossary below]
✔ Signage
✔ Prints [see glossary below]


Wait. What?

Sometimes terms are a bit confusing. So here’s a glossary for you.

Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy

Strategy starts with a brand workshop, where we identify target customers pain points and formulate a diagnosis. From this new perspective we can deliver strategic recommendations.

Primary and Secondary Logos
Primary and Secondary Logos

Primary Logo
Used as a full logo usually on stationary, printed materials, large formats, digital instance

Secondary Logo
Used in print / digital as a simplistic icon

Favicon Very small, possibly 16 x 16 pixels in dimension used in the browser tab.


Introducing your business to a customer is very important. The prints you leave with them should look great and be something you're proud of. Brochures, Booklets, Posters, Flyers, Buttons, Stickers, Magnets, Door Hangers, Envelope, Letterhead, Gift Certificates, Pins, Cups, T-shirts, Invitations, Menus, Your unique request


Supporting elements like icons and illustrations supplement the brand message online or in print.

Style Guide
Style Guide
Instead of only having a logo, successful organizations invest in style guides. These help defend the integrity of the brand as a whole.
Style Guides define each touchpoint. A touchpoint is any point of contact between a buyer and a seller) Think of the guideline as the brand's bible, a design system that reinforces rules for each asset of the organization.
Elements of a Style Guide
The logo identity needs to be defended from any manipulation not found in the Guide. There will be a few different alternatives for the logo, but only those defined are to be used. Each alternative design has been created for different environments (vertical/horizontal lockup, light/dark, micro/macro) so there is no need to stretch, recolor or redefine in any way.
A brand story is the first introduction to your audience -- more of an abstract feel than specifically spelled-out. The brand's voice is used in social media posts and any copywriting in marketing collateral.
With no consistent font choices, an organization can look very unorganized. A thoughtful type system allows the brand to look cohesive.
A similarly visual color palette ties everything together.